Cryptocurrency crowdfunding platforms

Top 7 Crypto Crowdfunding Platforms

Obtaining funds for a cause or project can be really difficult but with crowdfunding platforms, online people can now receive funds online. With crowdfunds, individuals and organizations can raise money for causes with ease. For most crowdfunding sites, funds are usually donated through various Fintech platforms that make it super easy for anyone in any part of the world to make donations towards a cause.

With the attention that cryptocurrencies are getting, the possibility of having a crowdfunding platform that allows people from different parts of the world to make contributions for various causes using cryptocurrencies was definitely not a shock when such platforms surfaced. There are quite a lot of these cryptocurrency crowdfunding platforms that people use to obtain funds for their various projects. Let’s take a look at the top 7 Crypto Crowdfunding Platforms.

1. Wefunder

Wefunder is an amazing crowdfunding platform for startups looking to connect with investors online. It is more than just a platform for raise funds, rather it focuses on helping investors also find worthy startups that they can have equity in. The interesting thing about this crowdfunding site is that anyone can be an investor.

For as little as one hundred dollars anyone can have equity in any worthy startup. This gives equal opportunity to investors with small money to also take part in getting returns on investments. So rather than waiting to have billions of dollars before investing, you can start with the little that you have and start growing your investment portfolio with various startups. Also, for startups, rather than running around looking for investors, they can easily set up their profile on the platform which completely details everything that any investor needs to know so that they can get funds for their startups with ease.

2. Lighthouse Cash

Lighthouse is also another amazing crowdfunding platform that helps individuals and organizations create and manage campaigns aimed at raising funds for any project or cause. And being a cryptocurrency centered platform, of course, crypto coins are used. Lighthouse, however, is bitcoin-based and it is powerfully backed by bitcoin. This makes it super easy to get funds for a project in cryptocurrencies as well.

The platform also comes with its own wallet which makes it pretty easy for users to save their funds without using any third party tool. With this, people can raise funds and protect it on the same platform without having to worry about it being stolen or lost. The decentralized system of this platform makes donations void of any form of transaction fee through third-party tools. In addition, the decentralized system deployed in this platform makes it impossible to censor any money donated, which is different from other crowdfunding platforms that are centralized.

3. Coinstarter ICO

The Coinstarter ICO platform is also another interesting platform for individuals or organization to bring their ideas to life by getting crowdfunded donations to kicking off their project. However the platform charges a one time fee for them to display your campaign to their very large community base, this increases your chances of getting seen by more individuals who are likely to make donations to the project. The fee covers properly editing your campaign (making it as convincing as possible) and including it in their monthly newsletters until the campaign ends. There are other freebies, which when considering the fee, looks like a reasonable deal.

4. Cryptstart

This crowdfunding platform is wave based, which allows users to make their own customized tokens giving them the opportunity to create their own cryptocurrency on the platform. Cryptstart primarily focuses on helping innovative products to get funding for their projects through their wave based cryptocurrency crowdfunding platform.

5. Start engine

This crowdfunding platform is similar to Wefunder. Start engine primarily focuses on equity crowdfunding (crowd investing) which give opportunities to people from different parts of the world to search for worthy investment on their platform that needs funds. Users that make donations to these startups automatically get equity in the startup. Just about anyone can become an investor on this platform.

It makes it super easy for people to buy shares into any company at any time. The platform boasts of over two hundred and twenty-five brands that participated and over one thousand five-hundred investments made on the platform. The minimum investment on the platform is five-hundred US dollars.

6. Kickico

This platform provided a space for people to raise funds for their project and find interested investors. It offers both services using a smart contract. It is often termed as the future of crowdfunding. It has raised over two hundred Ethereum (ETH) for over eighteen brands such as INS, Playkey, Hacken and many others. It trades over ten top cryptocurrency exchanges.

7. Indiegogo

This platform is not entirely a cryptocurrency crowdfunding site, but it offers individuals or organization the opportunity to get donations in cryptocurrency as well. The platform allows donations in top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, and many more coins.

8. Coinfunder

Coinfunder is also an interesting crowdfunding platform that allows people to get donations in bitcoin for their projects. The platform is fully backed by bitcoin only, so you can receive or make donations in any other cryptocurrency. However, the platform collects a five percent fee from the total amount of donations gotten for every successful campaign.

You can also consider other platforms like the Bithope and Bitcoin Funder which also offer amazing support for projects in need of donations. If you are considering using any of these coin based crowdfunding platforms, ensure that it is actually a crowdfund not a crowd-invest so that you can get best from each platform. If you wish to get investors, then consider the crowd investing platforms mentioned here.

If you’re just looking to get some financial support for a project then just the crowdfunding ones mentioned here would do. In addition to that, you should also have a smart contract running for any coin based campaign. This acts as a lawyer between the platform and the individual running the campaign which protects both parties and saves time as well as help prevent any form of conflict.