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Bitstash Cryptocurrency – A Promising Coin for the future?

Wait a minute, is cryptocurrency the future economy? Ever since cryptocurrency emerged, there has been a debate on several topics that surrounds its purpose of existence. But as its financial strength grows, its mission became clearer in the eyes of many who doubted.

Bitstash cryptocurrency is among those coins that have given the blockchain industry greater hope for the future of a digital economy. Bitstash cryptocurrency launched its cryptocurrency platform as a marketplace where buyers and sellers can trade with its Bitstash token.

As we take a look at Bitstash cryptocurrency in this article, we are going to explain its main features and focus on why it’s a promising coin for the future.

What is Bitstash Cryptocurrency?

Bitstash is an open source blockchain platform that uses its token for transactions between both parties. When Bitstash was created in 2017, its mission was not just to create a blockchain to record transactions but a platform where e-commerce can strive. By using Bitstash token, buyers and sellers can trade in their e-commerce store to buy products and services.

Bitstash looks forward to integrating the STASH cryptocurrency into everyday activities like commerce, trade, bills, insurance, and even employment. Its market cap currently settles above $88,000 with a circulating supply of more than 3 million Stash. Stash growth within the last two years has been significant in key exchanges like IDEX, EtherFlyer, and ForkDelta.

Benefits of Bitstash Cryptocurrency

1. A decentralized marketplace to trade for supplies

Any industry that looks to invest in online opportunities should be ready to embrace e-commerce in its entirety. It is true that the world is tilting towards a digital economy where the internet will be the only trading ground for any goods and services. This single reason has pushed the developers of Bitstash to focus on something entirely different from most blockchain platforms – by integrating an e-commerce store.

Bitstash marketplace embraces anyone who wishes to trade their products in exchange for Bitstash. In the Bitstash decentralized market, there are currently more than one thousand products and 100% tax-free shopping is available to buyers using their platform. The Bitstash marketplace supports cryptocurrency payments with the use of stash, secure escrow, and a customer support session to all traders.

2. A customer-centric community for the first timer

Hardly will you find a cryptocurrency trader that knows all the ins and out of cryptocurrency industry. Bitstash provides a step-by-step guide to secure a Bitstash token which forms part of its customer-centric approach provided to all their users. You can find guides on how to use their tokens, payment plugins and in-store payment solution from their support center. When needing any further assistance and clarification, you can even opt-in for live chat with their live chat support center.

3. Easy access to the Ethereum blockchain with the use of Bitstash Explorer

Bitstash token is an ERC-20 token that can run in the Ethereum blockchain. With this shared similarities as an ERC-20 token, you can easily trade with other ERC-20 tokens. Bitstash has developed Bitstash Explorer to assist Bitstash token holders in searching for Ethereum addresses and helping them while they are trading.

When searching for Ethereum addresses using Bitstash explorer, you are communicating directly with the Ethereum blockchain without using any third party. Also, Bitstash also looks forward to launching a white label explorer that will allow any ERC-20 token to customize their explorer relevant to their brand.

4. Ability to incorporate its plugin in any eCommerce website

The integration of different plugins has helped so many online platforms to increase the general look and functionality of their website to their customers. Plugins now come in different programming languages so that website owner can easily integrate them into their platforms.

Bitstash has seen the necessity of allowing other e-commerce website or platform to start receiving Stash for products and services. When its plugin is launched in the summer period of 2019, any e-commerce site will be allowed to integrate its payment plugins in other to start receiving stash cryptos.

5. Easy way to earn through its affiliate programme

Bitstash developers have certainly not been sleeping. They have created a win-win package for all who intends participating in their affiliate programme. With their affiliate programme, you can start receiving extra revenue from their website. All you have to do is register on their website, share affiliate URLs and anyone who buys or trade through your URL means you will be entitled to at least 1% of the total order amount.

Bitstash affiliate programme comes in different payment system according to the number of referrals that trades through your link. In level 1 you will be entitled to 2% of the order amount (not including shipping), in level 2 you will receive 5% of the order amount when you refer up to 100 persons, in level 3 you will receive 7.5% of the order amount when up to 200 persons trades through your link while in level 4 you are entitled to 10% when up to 500 persons use your URL link.

6. Easy access to its marketplace through the use of its mobile app

Most e-commerce stores have seen the necessity of creating a mobile interface platform that can run on different smartphone operating system. This is to cover a wider audience. Currently, the developers of Bitstash are looking forward to launching its Android and IOS application in 2020 to the STASH community. With the use of Bitstash app, users will be able to trade in different exchanges with the use of its coin, store their Stash coin and trade in their e-commerce store.

7. A fair price for trading

The advancement of Bitstash has opened a new opportunity to both vendors and buyers to trade at relatively cheaper transaction fees. This opportunity has bridged the demand for both vendors and consumers to save on each transaction that is conducted in-store. User can now pay at relatively cheaper fees of 1-3.5% per transaction using stash coin.