Fidex Token Cryptocurrency intro

Fidex Token Crypto – An Introduction

Do you think cryptocurrency has reached its full potential? If this question were to be asked ten years ago, many would answer yes. But currently, the blockchain industry is gradually stabilizing, and its spread can be seen in the strength of its market cap. On a daily basis, so many coins have been enlisted in the coin market making the blockchain industry widely adopted by other industry.

A new coin that is currently launched as a utility token is Fidex Token. Fidex cryptocurrency which is the native token of the Fidex exchange platform has given investors the avenue to launch their ICO. Its ICO will let users to pre-own an amount of Fidex Token, which can also be used in the Fidex Exchange Platform.
As we gradually unveil this Fidex crypto guide, we will take an extensive look at some of its benefits. But before then, let’s take a glance at its roadmap.

What is Fidex Token?

Fidex Token is the native token of the Fidex Exchange platform. It is launched by Vikky Global’s team pioneered by Huey Thai, who was a stock market investor. This same team was responsible for the launching of Fidex Exchange platform. The Fidex Token is the main currency of Fidex Exchange, and it will be used as a utility token. It’s token runs on smart contract and will support payment using the Ethereum blockchain.

When Fidex was launched, a total of 50 billion FEX was created for its maximum supply. This will allow any cryptocurrency investor to participate in its trade and own its Fidex coin. Its share of ICO was distributed such that a high percentage of 83% was set aside for the Fidex community, 8% for founders, 4% for development, 3% for Advisors and 2% for bounty campaign respectively.

Benefits of Fidex Token

1. A smart contract type

Economies loves innovations and modern technology. And the blockchain industry is not exempt. Smart contract feature has been one of the cutting edge features that have made the blockchain industry highly valuable. Fidex Token uses the Ethereum smart contract technology that helps during the exchange of money, property, and any valuable materials. With the use of smart contract, investors can create rules for their agreement which can be digitally enforced. This process takes away the use of lawyers or solicitors as third parties. The smart contract has been termed as the next digital lawyer because of its ability to define the rules and make sure that agreements are kept between peers.

2. An avenue to trade in their marketplace

Fidex Token was launched as a token that both private and public investors can use for trading in Fidex exchange. Investors can use Fidex Token to trade across a wide variety of the token through their decentralized exchange. With this system, Fidex Token will gain more strength in the coin market.

3. Ability to perform your crowdfunding

Crowdfunding has been one of the fastest ways to raise finance, especially for early start-ups. It not only increases your financial funding but helps you get feedback and expert guidance. Fidex cryptocurrency is a blockchain platform whose primary aim is to help start-ups raise funds for their businesses. The crowdfunding feature in Fidex helps users to be in total control of their investment. Investors using Fidex have the ability to submit a token and be listed in their exchange platform.

4. A market environment for tech companies

Fidex is also known as the early start-up token of the Fidex exchange. Fidex Token and its exchange platform look forward to creating a community where groups and companies can build their investments. With its token and blockchain network, companies can trade different tokens across a wide variety of markets, integrate their ICO, and build their financial background and worth using the Fidex Exchange.

5. Bank Grade Security by using Espay’s Security experts

Espay’s experts are professionals in software security for any digital asset exchange platform. With Espay’s, internal security level of cryptocurrency trading can be more secure. Fidex was able to implement Espays security features to reduce breaching their blockchain and sustain its trading activities. Some of its key features include:

  • High level of encryption – This allows you to save your requests in an encrypted format making it difficult to breach.
  • Request analyzer – This uses AI-based tracking that notifies you when bad actors are present within the cryptocurrency trading platform.
  • IP profiling – This helps you manage your surplus data when trading.

6. An alternative wallet system to store your coin

Fidex is an ERC-20 token and can run in Ethereum blockchain. This means it can be stored in any Ethereum wallet. Ethereum wallet is one of the most secure wallet systems in the blockchain industry. It creates an easy wallet interface to manage your private and public keys. The easiest way to store your Fidex Token is by using Ethereum wallet, which is a third-party wallet. Ether wallet range from both offline and online storage functionality. Example of third-party ether wallet that you can use to store your Fidex Token is MyEtherWallet, Ledger nano S, MetaMask, and Exodus.

7. Trade Fidex Token in multiple exchange platforms

Owning a Fidex Token does not only limit you to Fidex Exchanges. One way Fidex looks to strengthen its coin supply and trade is by providing the flexibility of trading its coin across other platforms. All Fidex Token holders can trade their token with other coins in exchange platforms like BitBox,, Hobit, and Mercatox.

8. A team of expert across the Blockchain industry and other industry

Though Fidex Token is still new in the coin market, its existence today is largely supported by Huey Thai (CEO), Shade Tran, Duy Vu To, and Thong Lee. According to the founder and CEO of Fidex blockchain ‘Fidex is created to inspire new ICOs in other to help them achieve their target’. This inspiration has been led by a team of expert in the blockchain industry, media, and tech industry.