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Popular Crypto Podcasts for Beginners

Information about cryptocurrency is currently rocking the internet through all forms of media devices; and podcasts are no exception. The power of podcasting has been one tool that has made the dissemination of information possible in recent times and mnay broadcasters who are passionate about the cryptocurrency industry are making their voices heard.

If you find it difficult to glue yourself to long hours of cryptocurrency information, listening to podcast is the best learning resource. Podcasts are a great way for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to keep up to date with the well needed information that may pertain to market rates, investments or any general information. Here are some of the best crypto podcasts that are valuable beginners in cryptocurrency.

Unchained Host by Laura Shin

Laura Shin has been in the financial industry for quite a number of years. Her early education is from Phi Beta Kappa from Stanford University. She later had a master degree from the School of Journalism, Columbia University. She is currently a Forbes Senior editor managing all forms of cryptocurrency ranging from bitcoin, Ethereum and a host of others. In her podcasting episodes, she focuses from a beginners guide to expert level creating value-added crypto-materials in almost every niche.

As part of a big credit for her write-ups, her works have been published in a couple of media sites like the Los Angeles Times and The New York Times.

The Bitcoin Podcast Network by Marcello, Corey, and Demetrick

Just as the name implies, this podcast is centered around bitcoin. The network involves a long form of podcast conversations that are centered on bitcoin, blockchain tech, and investment processes. It is one of the most reliable podcast sources of information pertaining to cryptocurrency. They have an extensive episode of crypto materials for all level of the topic. Their archive remains one of the best sources that could lead you through the way with your investment.

Invest Like the Best by Patrick O’Shaughnessy

He is a writer and CEO of O’Shaughnessy Asset Management. Originally this podcast was centered on investing, but it later grew due to the increasing demand for cryptocurrency. This is one place where beginners in cryptocurrency find it easy to understand and value to themselves.

The Bad Crypto Podcast hosted by Joel Comm and Travis Wright

This duo founder of Bad Crypto Podcast has been a resourceful help to cryptocurrency beginners. With a huge number of followers from both Twitter and Facebook, they have been able to gather more popularity. They focus on blockchain technology and general cryptocurrency topics, ICOs, and Digital currency. To show how well informed this podcast platform can be, they post up to four new relevant content every week. You can also tune in on Apple podcast, Google podcast, Spotify and on Stitcher.

TraderCobb Podcast

This is another helpful podcast that could make your crypto learning fun and full of comedy. They keep on updating their podcast library for more than 20 times a week. This podcast is for both starters and people who have been in the industry for quite some time. They focus on bitcoin, Etheruem, Ripple, and Litecoin.

Crypto Knights

This podcast was founded by Kanth Miriyala from his ever-growing desires in technology. This network looks to work on the layman’s view of cryptocurrency. They spread the knowledge to everybody no matter the educational level and about two posts are published every week.
This makes it easy for individuals to understand every aspect of cryptocurrency.

Coin Mastery Hosted by Carter Thomas

Having an insight about cryptocurrency is what coin mastery is all about. It is an avenue where anyone can learn about cryptocurrency like Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Monero, Ethereum. Coin Mastery has been founded as early as 2013 by Carter Thomas who not only is a crypto guru but also an Investor and a marketer. His podcast sessions envisage driving knowledge of cryptocurrency to individuals hearing about it for the first time.

Bitcoin Uncensored by Chris DeRose and Joshua Unseth

Bitcoin uncensored has been running for close to three years now but has been very well applauded. Though this duo currently has gone their separate ways, their podcast is still very much rock. When it was in full swing as Bitcoin Uncensored, they were a team to reckon with. But today, the cryptocurrency podcast that was published when the duo was still together can still be found in different media channels.

The Third Web Hosted by Arthur Falls

Arthur’s podcast has been running since 2013 but largely focuses more on Ethereum. His show features the latest news, opinions, analysis, and blockchain technology. Though the topics span relatively between 30 minutes, you are sure to valuable information. They also update their library with the latest podcast content on a frequent basis making it easy for followers to grasp the full knowledge of all Ethereum-related topics.

Coin Talk Hosted by Aaron Lammer

This is one of the freshest and most up to date crypto podcasts out there. It was founded in 2018, which also makes it one of the newest. Though it may be new on the block, their information is very rich in providing helpful materials for investing in cryptocurrency. Aaron has a co-host named Jay Caspian Kang ; together, this duo delivers interesting stories; from interesting interview sessions to single broadcasts, with an average podcast running for 12 hours.

The CryptoCast With Jason Hartman

If you are looking for a more in-depth crypto podcast that offers the latest general information on the topic, also check out Jason’s crypto cast. His podcast not only gives room for you to learn about the blockchain industry but also keep up to date on market rates. His podcast ranges from news, commentary, an interview session with top entrepreneurs and investors of all kind. He seems to update his library about three times a month.