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Best Websites & Exchanges To Buy Ripple Cryptocurrency

Ripple cryptocurrency (XRP) is one of the best cryptocurrencies that actually makes it easy for people to send money globally fast and at a very cheap rate too. In late 2018, it was named the second largest coin based on its market cap. However, Ripple cryptocurrency is the least raved about coin largely because it is highly centralized (which most cryptocurrencies are not a big fan of since the very existence of cryptocurrency was to break away from such centralized control). Ripple also has close affiliations with banks and other institutional payment providers via RippleNet . This is so because the organization uses the platform to provide stress-free global transactions options.

The RippleNet platform was created to allow users to carry out transactions in any other cryptocurrency with ease and at a very cheap transaction cost. The XRP token by Ripple is one of the most impressive currencies in the crypto world. It gives users the ability to use it as any other form of fiat currency when trying to do exchanges. This flexibility of the XRP makes the transaction cost on Ripple very low, making it the most favorite mediator for international exchanges. If you would like to own Ripple Cryptocurrency, ensure you get a good cryptocurrency wallet for your XRP.

Here is the 7 Best Websites & Exchanges To Buy Ripple Cryptocurrency.

1. Bitstamp

Bitstamp is a Bitcoin exchange based in London. It has been in existence for quite a while (2011 precisely) having gathered over three million users trading on the platform. Users will have to create a bitstamp account in order to buy ripples or log in if they already have an account (it’s free to open one). After the account has been verified, users can make deposits into the account, set up their trading pairs and spending limit, then place their order. The bitstamp is also very easy to use and set up in no time. Currently, the price for one XRP is 0.33 US dollars. And the exchange fee is low.

2. Changelly

Changelly, one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, allows users to buy ripples on their platform directly with their debit or credit cards. This makes it faster for people to buy ripples and store in any part of the world. It is also very easy to use, especially for newbies in the cryptocurrency world. In addition to debit or credit cards, users can also buy ripples in cash or with PayPal. They can also choose to exchange it for other cryptocurrencies available on the platform or do a bank transfer (usually peer-to-peer if buying from someone who has ripples to sell to you).

People buying on Changelly exchange will need an account which would be funded in order to make the purchase. If you already have other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and others, this makes it much easier for you to get ripples cryptocurrency on the platform by just trading for it. Changelly is known for being user-friendly and very secure (with its two-factor authentication). There is however a 0.5% fee charged during exchange (US dollars to Ripples XRP) and a network fee as well. The price of one XRP is 0.36 US dollars.

3. Bitfinex

This Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency is one of the prominent and most advanced cryptocurrency exchanges. It is also very simple to use. The price of one XRP is 0.34 US dollars. Bitfinex has always been a huge supporter of ripples cryptocurrency since inception. And the exchange currently has one of the largest volumes of BTC to USD pairs. Bitfinex also holds relatively large volumes of the XRP to USD pairs as well as XRP to BTC pairs. The Bitfinex app is also very user-friendly and makes it super easy to buy ripples cryptocurrency on it even allowing users to trade or exchange other cryptocurrencies for it as well.

4. Kraken

This US-based exchange is one of the world’s largest in terms of the volumes of Bitcoins that it trades. The exchange has also been a huge supporter of Ripples XRP cryptocurrency since inception, just like Bitfinex exchange. It also trades a high volume of XRP too. The price of one XRP is currently 0.34 US dollars. Users can purchase the Ripples cryptocurrency through bank transfer in addition to other available purchase options.

5. Binance

Binance is also a great place to buy the Ripples XRP cryptocurrency. Although the platform does not conduct any transactions using fiat currency, users can still easily make transfers from binance to other exchanges. Being a global cryptocurrency exchange that trades more than one hundred cryptocurrencies across the globe, binance is known for supporting forked coins. It is one of the best places to buy Ripples XRP cryptocurrency at a reasonable price compared to other exchanges while providing crypto enthusiasts or investors with tools on how to speculate their profits.

6. Shapshift

The shapeshift cryptocurrency exchange is extremely fast, user-friendly and very secure too. It is not as popular as the other ones mentioned here but it offers users good trading services at a relatively cheap price. It gives users who already have bitcoins or altcoins the opportunity to trade it for Ripples XRP cryptocurrency with ease. And their services can be accessed through their apps or website version.

7. Bitpanda

This Australian based cryptocurrency exchange (formerly known as Coinimal) is often praised for delivering very high quality and fast crypto services to users all over the globe. It is one of the fastest and secure exchanges for buying and selling cryptocurrencies including Ripples XRP cryptocurrency. The exchange focuses more on consumers benefiting – compared to other crypto exchanges. Its fees are relatively low in comparison to the rich services that the platform offers.

The platform is very user-friendly so even those new to the cryptocurrency world can still successfully maneuver the system to their advantage. The prices of one XRP is currently 0.35 US dollars and users can purchase Ripples XRP cryptocurrency through separate, Visa, MasterCard, Skrill and so on.

Buying the Ripples XRP cryptocurrency on these platforms or any other one you choose to go for will require a one time fee of 20 XRP.