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Best Cryptocurrency Portfolio Management Apps of 2019

Cryptocurrency portfolio management is about building a stable cryptocurrency asset base that will keep yielding returns on initial investments. Building a high ROI-worthy portfolio doesn’t necessarily have to be initiated with a large sum. You have to learn how to start with what you have and keep building on that initial investment until it grows into something you are very proud of.

Just as with any other type of investment, it has to be properly managed if you are going to see any improvements in ROI over time. Because of the highly sensitive nature of cryptocurrency, it is very risky for you to hand it over to someone to manage for you since you have to share your private keys with your portfolio manager. This explains the popularity of mobile apps that makes it super easy to personally manage your various cryptocurrency investments.

Take a look at some of the best apps that effectively help you manage your cryptocurrency portfolio.

1. Coin FYI

The Coin FYI app is one of the simplest cryptocurrency tracking apps which also has a website version. The app’s primary focus is to keep cryptocurrency investors up-to-date on all trading activities. It is one of the best tools for tracking Bitcoin, ICO and Alt coin. And it is completely free to use. The app boasts of managing over 200,000 portfolios with over 500,000 active monthly users. In addition to portfolio management, the app is a great news source about everything any crypto enthusiast needs to know about the cryptocurrency world.

2. Blockfolio

The Blockfolio app is self-acclaimed as the world most popular app for managing cryptocurrency portfolio (with over 5 million downloads). It provides news and reports on cryptocurrency prices for over 8000 cryptocurrencies and it is free to use. It tracks both Bitcoin and Alt coin, giving investors a full portfolio management experience with various tools that are simple to use. It is often regarded as a must-have tool for any cryptocurrency investor. The app is available on Android and iOS.

3. Cryptocompare

The Cryptocompare app was recently launched late last year to make it easy for crypto enthusiasts to keep a tab on the changing crypto pricing of over time across thousands of coins. It delivers news on cryptocurrencies, and manages cryptocurrencies all on the same platform. The app is available on Android and iOS devices. The app which started out as a website is known for providing very clean and accurate data on cryptocurrencies which gives a lot of users confidence on use data analysis of the app to manage their investment portfolio better.

4. Delta

The Delta app is also one of the best cryptocurrency portfolio management app with over one million users. The app gives investors a graph-like presentation of their crypto investments to see the best performing investments and the least performing ones at a glance. The app is also available on Android and iOS devices. Users who tend to be busy can get push notifications which alert them on current price changes that they can leverage as well as other important crypto news that can affect their investments positively or negatively.

5. Cointracking

The Cointracking app is one of the top leading cryptocurrency apps that helps investors track their profits and losses like a professional. It has been in existence since 2013 and it has proven to be a very excellent tool for managing various cryptocurrency investment portfolios in one place. Investors can also use the app to calculate their taxes in advance (this is for investors who might need to pay taxes on such investments as required by the law of the country where the individual stays). It also provides investors with useful real-time information that can be used to make decisions about their investment or on when best to buy or sell. The app is also available on Android and iOS devices (and it is free to use as well).

6. Cryptagon

The Cryptagon app is self-acclaimed to be one of the most advanced cryptocurrency portfolio trackers. Users have access to over 2000 cryptocurrencies with updates on market cap and news. It is also designed to trigger an alert to send notifications to the user. Users can access it on their Android and iOS devices as well as the website version. It is also free to use. It offers automatic integration with the investor’s preferred cryptocurrency exchange. This allows users to calculate a more realistic return on investments, compare and contrast various portfolios and so much more. Users can also change settings and decide on what they actually want to get alerts on (allowing them to personalize their experience with the app).

7. Coin manager

The Coin manager app is a very popular cryptocurrency portfolio management app because it is very easy to set up and personalize. It allows users to set their preferred cryptocurrency and currency exchanges in order to effectively manage their assets. Even a newbie in the cryptocurrency world would find it easy to use this app to manage his or her portfolio without having to bother about cryptocurrency jargons. The app is available on Android and iOS devices.

8. Cryptopanic

The Cryptopanic app started out as a cryptocurrency news aggregating platform providing cryptocurrency enthusiasts with accurate news on various cryptocurrencies. The aim was to help them to panic less about their investments and make better decisions instead. The app is a perfect combination of cryptocurrency news and tools for managing their various cryptocurrency portfolios. Users can either add data manually or import from their preferred cryptocurrency exchange.

9. Altpocket

The Altpocket app is also one of the best cryptocurrency portfolio management apps now for both altcoins and cryptocurrency investment. One of the best parts of the app is that it allows users to discuss with other people using the app. So it perfectly combines social media with cryptocurrency portfolio management as well as provides users to relevant news in the cryptocurrency world to make better decisions.