Cryptocurrency tradings tools

8 Best Cryptocurrency Trading Tools

Investing in the cryptocurrency world is quite different from the regular real-life investment opportunities outside. It is usually a solo decision making an investment mission; where the investor relies heavily on information about the different happenings and changes in the crypto world to make a decision about where to invest in and where not to. The time spent making all these crucial investment decisions can be minimized with various tools that make it easy to analyse when to buy, sell or hold. Luckily, with the following cryptocurrency trading tools, investors or crypto enthusiasts can make better investment decisions.

1. Blockfolio app

The Blockfolio app is great for keeping track of all cryptocurrency investment portfolios. The broader your investments get, the harder it gets to keep track of all of it which is why this tool would be useful. It also helps the investor to be more smart about knowing the best time to sell an investment or when to buy. With this free mobile app, you can track all crypto portfolios and monitor their current value on different exchanges, knowing when prices fall or rise, and so much more!

It is often praised for providing real-time pricing on all cryptocurrency exchanges. It can also be used for tracking valuable trading strategies which improve the investors’ decision-making process for any investment that’s being considered.

2. CoinMarketCal

The CoinMarketCal is like a mobile calendar for keeping track of all major events in the crypto world. With this app, investors can keep track of the ever-changing happenings so that they can know when to buy into big investment opportunities, get updates on ICO, other upcoming updates, conferences, meetups, and so on.

3. CoinGecko

CoinGecko is also an amazing trading tool for cryptocurrency investors and enthusiasts. It primarily focuses on the top performing digital currencies making it easier to know which to invest in, rather than having to look through all kinds of data about over 100 cryptocurrency exchanges all over the world. Investors can cut back on valuable times spent on analysing data to focusing data on the top performing digital currencies and make faster decisions about when to buy, sell or hold.

Investors are all about ensuring that they secure seats in the right investment that would yield great returns. So this tool is very helpful in that sense as many traders and investors rely heavily on it, alongside TradingView, to make better and faster investment decisions that would yield reasonable profits for them.

4. OnChainFX

OnChainFX is slightly similar to CoinMarketCap. It provides very detailed and specific data analysis of the value of coins in the crypto market. This data analysis can be filtered to only show the information that is important to you. Coinigy is also great for keeping tabs with coins that are susceptible to being scammed; which can be avoided by investors. For investors who are keen about data that would help them make better choices with their investments, this would be the best tool for them.

5. Coinigy

Just like CoinMarketCap, Coinigy provides very detailed information about the whole crypto market, especially the global view of the cryptocurrency market. It completely eliminates the stress of having to research on current happenings in every cryptocurrency exchange. With this app, which can be used both on a mobile device and on the desktop, investors can integrate all their exchange accounts in one place and manage it from there anytime.

Coinigy can be customized to show you only what you want to know in the crypto world. You can also create custom alerts on trends (that would be sent as email alerts or SMS alerts) so you can keep up with it or other things of interest in the crypto world. Coinigy also provides real-time data on crypto trends and movements in the crypto market; with which investors can know when to invest in a fast moving and profitable trading environment.

6. Icostats

Icostats is an excellent trading tool that provides reliable and very detailed information about initial coin offerings (ICOs). Investors or traders can also use this tool to keep up with upcoming presales, find the most profitable ICL daily, weekly or monthly, calculate the profitability of the investment (return on investments), compare the historical performance of ICO’s to make better predictions and better investment decisions and much more.

7. CoinMarketCap

CoinMarketCap is a major source of cryptocurrency information for most Cryptocurrency investors. It provides vital information about all assets that can be invested in. It also provides updates about price charts across the cryptocurrency market, details about market capitalization and changes in trading volumes. As an investor, you need to know everything you should about the current cryptocurrency market before putting in the investment (your capital). And this tool provides such detailed information.

Investors can also get individual statistics of various exchanges, the price history, market cap, trading volumes and more. It can also show this information in graphs form too, making it easy to follow cryptocurrency trends and predict the next ones. CoinMarketCap is known for providing investors or cryptocurrency enthusiasts with reliable and valid investment or trading information.

8. TradingView

TradingView is an excellent tool for investors or cryptocurrency enthusiasts who like to sample other people’s opinions on the current happenings in the cryptocurrency world before making any decision about investing. It is like an online community where people gather to share their personal insights about different trading opportunities in the cryptocurrency world.

Some of these comments can be used as valuable strategies which can be adopted when trying to trade or invest in any exchange. They can also be useful predictions (based on properly analysed data) that can guide those who are new into crypto trading. Most existing traders and investors find this community to be a very useful starting point for making any investment decision.